Rotarian Major Brooke Jones captivated a meeting of 70 people with stories of her experiences in the ADF & overseas covering:
*Training to be a commissioned officer at the Royal Military College of Duntroon;
*Breaking a "glass ceiling" by becoming the 1st female to command a platoon of Military Police;
*Meeting Nancy Wake (the "white mouse") in the UK;
*Deploying to East Timor in 1990 as a Logistics Officer;
*Undertaking a 4 week training course as a Body Guard;
*Driving into an ambush;
*After leaving the ADF, spending 5 years in the Middle East and becoming a magazine editor in Syria;
*Re-enlisting and training Military Observers on behalf of the UN, at the ADF Peace Operations Training Centre;
*President Maureen suggested Brooke's story could become a movie or a book...