The Baguia Story- Why we Started the Project
After extensive needs analysis we found that the 9 schools in Baguia (in Timor Leste (TL)) lag behind those in the capital, Dili. They were very under resourced. For example- poor or no electricity. For 9 schools, there were 7 laptops.
How we started:
  • Seed funding from Rotary Altona City started us off. Money spent on textbooks destroyed in a landslide, shared container medical equipment, Days for Girls kits, clothing, laptops, school supplies, musical instruments, devices.
  • Further support from private donors enabled us to extend the program to include student scholarships.
  • Based on Maria's experience working in Cambodia, it was decided to adapt the VOLUNTEERISM MODEL to the Baguia beneficiaries. This is the basis of the NGO Cambodia Rural Students Trust's student sponsorship program.
The actual scholarship program in Baguia:
  • Total of 26 students from Grade 7 to Grade 10 will graduate from Year 12.
  • Selection of Students are equal number of boys and girls to emphasise the importance of girls’ education. Council of teachers select candidates. Selection based on Academics, financial situation and WILLINGNESS TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY.
  • Every student is aware of his/her obligation to serve before taking up a scholarship. THE RIGHT OR GIFT OF EDUCATION COMES WITH A RESPONSIBILITY. Records are kept of academic results and service completed.
  • Other students in the school are part of this program. We have GOOD CITIZEN AWARDS for students who teachers observe being of service at school. They are awarded a 1 Dollar voucher to purchase food at the school shop.
Our partners in this project
  • Days for Girls (DFG) International. Supply kits and DFG Health Education. DFG Program has assisted in training DFG Educators. This enables girls to attend school when menstruating and empowers them via the health education process.
  • Solar Buddy Australia. This partnership is important in the remote areas we work in as these communities live in energy poverty. Without electricity students cannot study. Solar Buddy lights extend their working time by 3.5 hours a day. We thank Solar buddy for donating 1525 lights to this project. VIDEO: Solar Buddy in Cambodia as an example of how this product changes lives.
  • Rotary Club of Dili and Rotaract Club of Dili. Fantastic assistance given regarding organising the logistics to Baguia, funds transfers through RAWCS, Days for Girls assistance, distribution of 2000 Solar buddy units throughout other remote areas in TL.
  • Rotary Clubs of Darwin, Kwinana, Camberwell, Rotary Club of Hawthorn
                                                          -SPONSOR A SCHOLAR: BACHELOR DEGREE
                                                                                                     TRADE CERTIFICATE
                                                           -DONATE LAPTOPS, GUITARS, KEYBOARDS
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