Youth Public Speaking Competitions

Finalist, WYNSPEAK 2019
  • WYNSPEAK and the AINGER PECK AWARD are both longstanding successful D9800 Rotary Youth Speaking Competitions that involve over 70 secondary schools annually.
  • Meets the second aspect of Vocational Service: “Empowering others through training and skill development.”
  • Costs: Free entry- no fees.
  • To provide a vehicle for young people to grow their self-confidence, build their creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills via Public Speaking opportunities, as well as improve poise and professionalism.
  • Assist students to develop and grow both personally and professionally by developing traits which are invaluable in everyday life.
Competition Options
  1. Years 7-12, or;
  2. Junior (years 7-9) & Senior (years 10-12).
  • Main Speech: 5-min speech on stage in front of an audience on a topic of their choice (excluding controversial topics).
  • Short Notice Speech: impromptu 2-min speech. Topic selected from choice of 3 given to students.
  • Adjudication: by experienced adjudicators, using defined criteria.
  • Training: workshops provided by Rostrum.
  • Flyer and Template: refer D9800 Website, Vocational menu.
  • WYNSPEAK: Des O’Shanassy, M: 0401 287 050
  • AINGER PECK AWARD: Ben Hosking, M: 0437 232 880