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Teacher in a Box (TIB)

  • Teacher in a Box (TIB) is an innovative idea that sees laptop computers loaded with educational programs and donated to remote areas of developing countries.
  • TIB is making a huge and positive impact for rural villages where there are few classroom resources, little or no internet access, and teachers with little training.
  • TIB uses re-purposed laptops providing offline access to more than 10,000 educational and vocational videos stored in the system.
  • By connecting the TIB laptop with a projector and speakers, a teacher can provide complete lessons to classrooms.
  • A mini router, which comes with the TIB kit, means it can be accessed by any wi-fi enabled device for self-paced learning.
Countries involved
  • The TIB project has been invaluable to schools in PNG, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia, The Phillipines, Zambia and Timor Leste.
  • TIB is now using Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning (RACHEL) as a content provider for the TIB units.
  • A list of RACHEL modules can be found at
Bribie Island RC
  • The Bribie Island RC (Queensland) has received district grants to purchase TIB laptops and provide them to clubs in PNG, Nauru and the Solomons.
  • Incoming Presidents from these clubs visit Bridie Island, are given a TIB kit, and receive training for the presidential year.
  • The kits can be charged via solar panel, and solar panels are being placed on roofs of schools.